The Spark Group

Meet our partner

The Spark Group is a Boutique Digital Marketing & Creative Agency in New York committed to the development and maintenance of online relationships. The Spark Group develops and executes cross-platform digital strategies, leveraging social listening techniques for strategic planning and online performance data to optimize digital marketing components in real-time.
TSG develops and optimizes websites to improve user experience and maximize conversions and executes efficient and effective paid advertising campaigns (SEM/Display/Video) by identifying and optimizing targeting parameters to maximize conversions and ROI, as well as creating and managing awareness, engagement, and loyalty campaigns across social media platforms.

Who is who

Daniela Cuevas is the founder and president of The Spark Group; she has worked closely with various clients within the money transfer and the financial services industry to create, execute, and manage integrated online strategies. Daniela found her passion in technology and digital mediums, which she uses to architect brand stories, to connect companies with their customers, and to gain valuable insights and analytics. Throughout her career, Daniela has worked with clients such as Digicel, IMTC, Macy’s, American Express, Uniteller-Banorte, Intermex, Microsoft, among many others. She is a member of the IMTC Advisory Board.

We work together

MWC and TSG work together when there is a need for a client to increase its online media presence as part of its overall business planning. MWC advises clients to develop its online presence and branding in a number of situations where increase visibility is needed to ensure success.

TSG uses MWC advise to gain insights in the management of certain online developments or campaigns either by the peculiarities of certain markets or cultural/ethnic issues that influence reach. MWC and TSG have also work together in client adoption of digital products in the remittance world as well as coordinate the needs of business, technology, compliance and marketing strategies to ensure the proper balance of efficiency and security.

Montevideo: + 598 99417362

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