Stratus Digital Systems

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Stratus Digital Systems has developed digital asset security technology for holding and transferring all digital assets. Stratus Digital Systems is a technology company that provides security for online transfer of data, digital currency and other assets.
Stratus’ technology enables multiple industries to operate in a dangerous world with an additional security dimension. Its process creates an industry-specific solution by combining their proprietary technology with the existing enterprise systems or exchange to ensure data and other assets are transferred securely between authorized parties, free of outside disruption or interception.

Who is who

Greta Geankoplis is is a lifelong emerging technology champion, with diverse leadership experience spanning blockchain and digital currency technology, renewable energy project development, and early LAN/WAN B2C infrastructure and application projects. She has led global technician workforces and held roles as director of client IT and engineering services, optimized international manufacturing, logistics, and led response teams for shutdown & startup operations for technical call centers. Greta holds a BA in International Relations, with studies in engineering and biochemistry, and an MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management.

Greta has held previous roles as CEO, COO and VP with early stage fintech, growth IT services, and regional operations positions with General Electric, Fujitsu and small to mid-sized companies, both in the U.S. and internationally. She is a former US Air Force Captain and Fighter Aircraft Maintenance officer. Greta enjoys running, diving and offshore sailing. She is a member of IMTC’s Advisory Board, coordinates the MTBIT Innovation Forum as well as the RemTECH Awards.

We work together

  • Consultancy: When blockchain technology is the solution and money transmission is the subject, we work together to provide the advice, expertise and guidance to assemble the different puzzle pieces together providing the needed framework to create solutions to move the industry forward.

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