About Project

Subject: Client was offered by MWC to secure our help to introduce and manage new clients

In this case we went ahead and contacted the potential client to understand better its services and, if worthwhile, to offer to become their international representatives,

Our Task Was

After we evaluated the services and made our proposal, the company accepted for MWC to prepare an international marketing plan that included some previous work on legal documents, compliance and technological enhancements.

What We Did

  • Legal advice: Work with legal team to enhance and streamline contracts to international and industry standards
  • Compliance Enhancements: We advice the company to make a few changes (minor) to their compliance procedures to secure confidence on potential clients
  • Technological Enhancements: A previous customers of the company gave us & the company extremely helpful advice on minor improvements to make the integration easier and less costly.
  • Developed a Marketing Plan that included the presentation of new clients


  • Minor tweaking to some procedures and processes that involved minor investment in time and money resulted in a much better service presentation
  • The seal of approval by MWC opened the doors that would have been difficult and/or timely to open any other way
  • The posterior sales of the company’s service paid for the time and expertise invested by MWC.


A win-win situation for the company, its clients and MWC.

* Note: The case studies are real although we have changed some of the details to respect the privacy of our clients.