Association Advice

About Project

Subject: Client advice to energize industry association

Our Task Was

An Association needed advice on changing the culture of the organization, energizing members as well as coming with proposal to increase membership base and develop key projects.

What We Did

  • Briefings: Meet with key members of the association to understand their frustrations, their points of view, their vision, in order to draw consensus before any meetings would take place
  • Met with current administration to understand the drawbacks, the pain areas and the reason for the inactivity and lack of support
  • A phased-out approach was the solution and a plan was discussed with main influencers before laying down the plan to the assembly


An experienced communications firm was consulted for the information and diffusion plan as well as the revamping of association image, branding, website and communication tools.


The association made a leap forward and the new directives set-up the course for a new beginning.

  • Past organization structure was changed
  • New membership categories were introduced
  • Consensus was achieved on key directives for new leadership
  • New planning and new budgets were construed, approved and launched


Sometime Associations need outside help to bring to the table the members that are main influencers and need mediation to secure their full support and work together even in competitive markets that makes it difficulties to see the needed strength of a group on top of personal and business rivalries.

*Note: The case studies are real although we have changed some of the details to respect the privacy of our clients.

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