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Our expertise comes from our long time engagement with the International Money Transfers & Cross Border Payments industry and the evolution of the industry is what we have always observed & analyzed, to advise people & companies in order to adjust and prosper. Many things have changed with the growth of the industry, the increased focus on this dynamic space, the evolution and emergence of new entrants from across the digital and physical payments world, the increased movement of people across borders and the escalating technological challenges. Technology is the only answer to the evolution of financial services, insurance products, accounting, cybersecurity and most any products & services we have today.

We are thriving network of industry professionals, in every corner of the world, making sure we evolve our thinking to accommodate the changes that technology, such as the blockchain, are bringing to our professional lives, and soon later, our everyday lives.

Nuestra Experiencia

Industry Experience - 29 years
Consulting - 15 years
Product $ Services Development - 12 years
Strategic Expansion - 8 years
Emerging Technologies - Blockchain - 5 years
Mergers & Acquisitons - 5 years

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«We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework [the blockchain] that is free of politics and human error.”

– Tyler Winklevoss