Check IMTC for the Blockchain Series in 2018



One-Day Seminars to discuss the present state of the use of Blockchain in financial sectors & its impact in the business world

The main idea behind THE BLOCKCHAIN SERIES (TBS) is to gather companies & entrepreneurs working with  blockchain business solutions in the financial world to share their ground-breaking work with individuals and delegates from companies, public or private institutions, and explore the pioneering uses of the blockchain in the corporate world. When payments are powered by the Blockchain, the whole business ecosystem will change.

The one-day seminars will be full of panels and round-table discussions where participants can learn and benefit from first-hand experience so they can become trailblazers in this new, emerging field. If internet was revolutionary, the blockchain will take revolution to a whole new level of disruption.

No question will be left unanswered but we will spend little time on the future of blockchain and concentrate on the now. Great changes might come in the next few years, but we feel the future is now and we are looking for the people that want to be in the forefront.

About the Series

MWC has been following the development of Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain & Virtual Currencies since 2012, actively helping IMTC develop MTBIT, Remittance Innovation Forum,  mentoring fintech startups and advising blockchain-based businesses in the financial services industry.

THE BLOCKCHAIN SERIES (TBS) combines MWC financial consulting experience in cross-border payments & money transfers with IMTC’s event management expertise in these one day seminars being scheduled initially in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. We are looking for partners to take the series to Europe and Asia.

Essential to the creation of TBS has been the welcome addition of Greta Geankoplis, CEO of a Blockchain Solution Provider who has been energized by emerging tech such as blockchain solving real problems and transforming suboptimal systems and systems optimized for a centralized few. An MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management and a BA in International Relations, Greta will chair The Blockchain Series.

Seminar Agenda

Our Seminar Partners are companies that are working with Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to develop business solutions in a number of sectors and have decided to share their ground-breaking work with Blockchain Series seminar participants.

These sectors are:


  • Banking

  • Money Transfer, Remittances & X-Border Payments

  • Insurance

  •  Trade & Manufacturing

  • Business Applications

  • Society & Public Administration

“Blockchain is a vast, global distributed ledger or database running on millions of devices and open to anyone, where not just information but anything of value — money, but also titles, deeds, identities, even votes — can be moved, stored and managed securely and privately. Trust is established through mass collaboration and clever code rather than by powerful intermediaries like governments and banks.”

― Don Tapscott